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The exclusive appeal of personalised champagne flutes

Personalised champagne flutes & glasses are easily the most appealing and eye catching piece of drinkware found on any dinner table. They have an air of affluence, style and refined taste – attributes that will resonate in your brand too if you choose to affix your corporate logo on these glasses. Just choose a beautiful and elegant flute design, and subtly add your brand information and marketing message on the same…and voila! You have an instant way to connect with a wide range of audience and present your business information with class, exclusivity and erudition.

The marketing efficacy of personalised champagne flutes

As corporate gifts, personalised champagne flutes present your brand in front of potential customers in a stylish, tasteful and graceful manner. Your marketing message is not being forced upon your audience, rather it is discreetly becoming a part of their merriment. By imprinting your corporate logo and brand info on champagne flutes and wine glasses, you are guiding people to see your business as a top-class enterprise with an inclination towards the finer side of life. In a very crafty and subtle manner, you have established your brand as being exclusive, elite and a class above the rest in the market – and THAT is a powerful message!

The utility of personalised champagne flutes

Considering the high-class nature of this promotional corporate gift, you can use it in the most elite of settings. Give these as gifts to your employees, associates and prized customers as a token of your appreciation. Serve wine in these at your next corporate meeting, event or gala. Give these away as gifts to local restaurants, pubs, bars and wine houses where they will be used for serving drinks to guests. The options are many!

Customised champagne flutes are the embodiment of class and elegance – make them a part of your marketing efforts today!

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