Global Promo Mon, 29 May 2017 09:47:37 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Engraved Glassware – A Perfect Gift for All Occasions Mon, 29 May 2017 09:42:54 +0000 Continue reading "Engraved Glassware – A Perfect Gift for All Occasions"]]> Glassware has always been considered an elegant gift item. There is something about the simplicity, smoothness, curved lines, and the clarity and sparkle of glass that makes it attractive and graceful. Adding your own personal touch by engraving or etching custom designs adds further value to glassware in terms of beauty and sophistication.

Engraved glassware makes for an effective gift item and tool for marketing applications because of four factors: (1) its low cost of production, (2) the wide range of glass products available, (3) its long product life, and (4) its usefulness. This is why you see big name coffee companies use glass cups widely to push their brand. Retail chains also use custom branded glassware to maintain their brand identity and keep consistency across locations to promote themselves. As gifts, engraved glassware offers the same usability and elegance that make them popular for weddings, anniversaries and other special occasions.


Custom glass items and engraved wine glasses are also great as commemorative items for milestone events like graduations and other special celebrations. The versatility and utility of glass cups make them a popular choice for branded beer tumblers or pint mugs. Glass is classy and never goes out of fashion, and is ideal for any environment whether it be at home, in the pub, or in the office.


A lot of engraving options are now widely available, and some suppliers can even provide custom etched designs to suit every occasion. Glassware can also be made to order and purpose crafted for whatever design you can think of. Your creativity is the only limit. They are easy to produce by volume, are affordable, and are simple to customise.


Custom glassware suppliers can help you celebrate an occasion, promote your brand, or simply provide a classy, personalised gift items. A reputable company like Global Promo can furnish engraved glassware items to you at affordable costs and in both low and high volume quantities to suit your needs.

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Personalised Coffee Mugs & Cups – A Hand to Hand Business Marketing Strategy Mon, 29 May 2017 09:40:15 +0000 Continue reading "Personalised Coffee Mugs & Cups – A Hand to Hand Business Marketing Strategy"]]> Traditional print merchandising can be expensive—and it’s not always effective. If you’re looking for a cheaper but more meaningful way to get the word out about your company, it’s time to think outside the box. Using promotional items like personalised coffee cups is a great way to draw attention to your brand and help people remember it.

Printed coffee cups are handy way to send your message across. With a wide selection of styles and colours, personalised coffee cups can be adapted to your brand, style, and colour scheme to ensure that your company identity is kept consistent. Promotional coffee mugs work because they are useful—probably everyone drinks from a cup at some point during the day. They let you connect with your target market on a more personal and intimate level—during their coffee break on the office, or when they wake up in the morning to have breakfast with the family, for example. These items give your customers a sense of ownership and allow a deeper connection, making your brand seem more human. What’s more, promotional items like mugs and cups tend to used for a long time, thus giving your brand exposure for a longer period. You truly get a lot for your marketing dollar.
To get the best deals on personalised mugs, source them from supplier who can provide quality prints on your promotional items. Printed coffee mugs have to undergo a proper firing process to help keep the print permanent and dishwasher safe, and a great supplier ensures that you receive quality work on your printing job. This is the best way to get quality items with clean and accurate printing and proper packaging. A reputable supplier like Global Promo can provide you a good range of design options and even help you generate ideas to put a creative twist on your marketing campaigns.

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Professional Logo Creation on Wine Glasses: Global Promo Mon, 08 May 2017 05:46:12 +0000 Continue reading "Professional Logo Creation on Wine Glasses: Global Promo"]]> Printed and engraved wine glasses are making their way to being some of the leading methods of advertising nowadays, for both large and small businesses. Wine glasses are used in almost every public and private setting, making them highly effective promotional items.  Professional logo creation can help you to turn the regular wine glasses into powerful promotional tools that can raise brand awareness and grow your market.


Business promotion with personalised wine glasses is a simple yet highly effective way to give exposure to your company name or logo, and can provide you with the solution to the growing competition for advertising space in this day and age. Wine glasses also offer a more effective cost-to-profit ratio, which makes them the best choices for businesses that are still starting up. Wine glasses also cover a wide scope in terms of universality and receptivity amongst the public, and are sure to create a significant impact.


Professional logo creation will help you advertise your company name or logo to people within and even outside of your area. Engraved glassware has long product life and can even serve as gifts. They are not just promotional items—they are also utilities, which means that they will not just end up being thrown away. Business promotion on personalised Champaign glasses & wine glasses will give you maximum exposure for your brand since glasses are used and seen time and time again, allowing a lot of people (apart from your recipients) to become aware of your business.


One of the best ways to get your promotional wine glasses is to purchase them from online suppliers such as Global Promo. Global Promo specialises in printed and engraved glasses of all shapes, styles, and designs. Some will even give you free advice on how to choose the right printed glasses to address your business needs.

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An Overview Of Global Promo Sat, 06 May 2017 05:45:20 +0000 Continue reading "An Overview Of Global Promo"]]> Global Promo is a leading supplier of business promotional items and gifts that can aid you in growing your business. The company offers some of the most popular and effective promotional merchandise in the market, and you can surely find items that can serve as business giveaways, conference gifts,  custom printed products, employee incentives, and promotional ideas. Choose from coffee mugs, pens, travel mugs and glassware.

Global Promo is a member of Australia’s largest network of promotional product Suppliers, and you can rest assured that their high-quality products are sold at the best possible prices. The company has friendly and knowledgeable staff that can assist you in choosing the ideal promotional items that will suit your marketing strategy and budget. You don’t have to order thousands of items all at once; in fact, the minimum order required is surprisingly low, and no enquiry is too small or large. The Global Promo team is used to meeting tight deadlines, and you can rest assured that you can get your items on the date agreed upon. Whether you want your merchandise to be printed engraved, embossed, or embroidered with your corporate logo or details, this supplier can address your needs.

Business promotional products are supplied by Global Promo to all of Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Newcastle, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast. Thousands of branded products, promotional merchandise, and corporate gift ideas are offered on its website, but this supplier is just so accommodating that it will even source special and unique ideas direct from Asia and Europe if ever the item you want is not available in Australia. Global Promo even offers free delivery to some areas, for specific products. When you purchase from this company, you can rest assured that you will be treated with importance, no matter if your enquiry is small or large.

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How To Spread The Growth Of Your Company With Personalised Promotional Printed Pens? Wed, 03 May 2017 05:28:33 +0000 Continue reading "How To Spread The Growth Of Your Company With Personalised Promotional Printed Pens?"]]> Promotional printed pens can provide you with a great opportunity to advertise your company to a huge number of potential customers. They are among the most popular and effective promotional merchandise today because of their affordability, functionality, and longevity.  Printed pens are undeniably useful and versatile and they can be found pretty much everywhere. They are used in schools, offices, hospitals, homes, and just about any setting that requires anybody to write. They are ever present—which means that your company logo will be, too. High quality pens such as the metal and parker ones are especially helpful in prolonging your brand’s exposure.


Printed pens, however, need to be durable in order to maximise their advertising potential. Promotional pens in Australia which are made with high-quality plastic or metal materials will definitely have longer product life and wider advertising scope. It is also important that the print on the pens does not wear off even after years of use. If you want to guarantee that your company logo stays on the pens for a very long time, you can choose to engrave on metal pens, mid-range steel pens, or executive parker pens. Parker custom promotional pens are scratch-resistant and they have long-lasting ink like refills, meaning they can serve their advertising purpose practically forever.


Another thing that you have to consider in choosing your promotional pens is your budget. The best online suppliers can address your needs even if you do not have that much to spend. Plastic pens are the most affordable options, yet they still have wide advertising potential. The downside to them is that they are not able to be refilled. If you have a bigger budget and would want longer-lasting brand promotion, you can opt for mid-range steel personalised pens in Australia since they have exchangeable cartridges.


If you want to get the best value for your money, purchase from a leading supplier that offers free logo creation, free set up costs, free design assistance, and low minimum orders.

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Tips For Choosing The Perfect Promotional Travel Mugs Mon, 01 May 2017 05:23:40 +0000 Continue reading "Tips For Choosing The Perfect Promotional Travel Mugs"]]> Promotional travel mugs are among the leading promotional items used by businesses today because they are relatively affordable, and yet they are very effective in serving their advertising purpose. A lot of business owners, employees, and office workers make use of custom travel mugs because these items are very handy and convenient if you want to keep your beverage hotter for longer. Buy giving travel mugs as promotional items, you will have the opportunity to expose your brand to a wide audience and bring your logo to wherever the travel mugs go! Here are some tips for choosing the perfect promotional travel mugs:

  1. Look for high-quality mugs.

Your brand is represented in the printed mugs that you give, and that means that poor quality travel mugs could somewhat be linked to your business image. It’s always worth the extra expense to invest in durable travel mugs that will last longer and hence provide more exposure for your company.


  1. Make sure that the logo prints will last long.

What good are promotional items if they are not able to display your company logo and details, right? If you want to go for a printed design, make sure to choose a high-quality printing method. For logos that will last forever, go for a laser engraved finish.


  1. Get your travel mugs from a reliable supplier.

When looking for promotional travel mugs in Australia, you might want to check out online suppliers. The best ones can offer you a wide selection of travel mugs, including those with plastic or almost completely stainless steel construction. You can also expect them to provide you with durable and high-quality promotional travel mugs at the best possible prices. Their friendly staff can even help you decide on the best travel mugs to suit your budget and marketing strategy. Leading suppliers also have the largest range of long-lasting print options, and can supply promotional items Australia wide.

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Why Choose Engraved Stainless Steel Coffee Mug for Promotion? Thu, 13 Apr 2017 11:22:09 +0000 Continue reading "Why Choose Engraved Stainless Steel Coffee Mug for Promotion?"]]> Stainless steel coffee mugs have gained much popularity since the rise of café culture. People nowadays make certain that they look good while getting their daily caffeine fix. Stainless steel coffee mugs are much more stylish alternatives to the typical cardboard cups coffee shops use and office vending machines dispense, which is why people have become quite obsessed with getting the perfect stainless steel mug they can sip hot joe from. With such a demand for promotional coffee mugs, businesses will find great success using these stylish coffee vessels as promotional vehicles.

What’s great about engraving business logos and statements on coffee mugs is that it can be done very subtly yet still maintain effectiveness as a promotional strategy. Something as simple as your company logo on a stainless-steel coffee mug can bring a huge boost to your promotions. Other things you can get personalised coffee mugs include your company’s monogram, business name, website address, or even a slogan or catchphrase.

Whether you are a budding business or one that needs to jumpstart their marketing strategy, it is best to find a supplier that specialises in producing and designing promotional merchandise that meet the exact needs of a business. The best promotional merchandise companies offer complete and well-rounded services that can help you improve the results of your marketing efforts, ranging from design assistance to logo creation, and sound merchandising advice to fit your promotional needs. New businesses benefit well from companies that offer these kinds of services as they receive sound guidance on what types of promotional products work and may not work as well for a particular type of business or target audience. Engraved stainless steel mugs, for instance, work best for companies whose target clients are the working class who can’t live without their daily caffeine fix.

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Using Promotional Products Can Boost Your Business Marketing Wed, 12 Apr 2017 11:17:04 +0000 Continue reading "Using Promotional Products Can Boost Your Business Marketing"]]> Smart businesses promote themselves. Without putting ample attention to marketing efforts, even the biggest and strongest businesses can easily fall behind small enterprises who care much about self-promotion. One way to boost business marketing is using promotional products that make your business’ name appear everywhere target customers look. Your goal is to be constantly present in the lives of your potential clients. “Out of sight, out of mind” rings true in business because no matter how well-established your company may be, there will come a time that you will get beaten out by a competing business that is more persistent with their marketing strategies. This is where promotional products can be of great use.

Promotional products like promotional mugs, pens, bags, and glassware can be excellent promotional gifts during product launches, conferences, and similar types of events where potential clients or consumers can get re-acquainted with your business. Branded merchandise can also be used as business giveaways or promotional gifts given to your most loyal customers as a reward for their continued patronage. Used as employee incentives, promotional products also help boost employee morale as they feel valued and recognised for the work that they do.

Promotional giveaways also prove to be very economical. Not only are they cheap to produce, they also offer a high return on investment, as they help encourage brand recall by making your business seen in every day settings like their office desks (if you choose to use promotional pens); their house keys (if you opt for branded key rings); or their own cupboards (if you choose printed mugs or engraved glassware). There are many different types of merchandise that can be used as promotional products. With today’s advanced printing and engraving technologies, businesses can put their name or logo on most any type of product, from pens to coffee mugs, to bags, headwear, and many more.

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Travel Mugs – Just the Right Product to Promote Your Business Mon, 10 Apr 2017 11:12:17 +0000 Continue reading "Travel Mugs – Just the Right Product to Promote Your Business"]]> Travel culture is becoming more and more prominent as people realize the value of rest and relaxation in between their hectic lives. Smart businesses recognize this phenomenon and have started leveraging the growing travel culture to their benefit. Seeing how it is a lot easier to encourage consumers to travel, businesses are also quick to connect the dots of this demand for travel to the need for products that support it. New brands specialising in travel products and accessories have started to emerge in the last 5 years. But how do businesses—including those that have very little to nothing to do with travel—use this to their advantage. The answer is creative marketing. By producing personalised travel mugs, key rings, bags, etc., you can tap into the gold mine of the industry, using these travel products as vehicles for your marketing messages.

Travel mugs are about the smartest items to personalise for when you want to target avid travellers, but they are also very effective for your average consumer. Stand on any corner in a business district and you will likely find people cradling custom travel mugs containing their daily caffeine fix or whatever their favourite work hour potion may be.

Like typical promotional products, travel mugs can hold most any type of marketing message, ranging from snazzy slogans to brand logos as well as the most other interesting visuals that will definitely catch people’s attention and stay in their minds for long. Using everyday items like travel mugs for promotion is a wise marketing strategy as it allows your promotional message to be in the hands of your target clients if not 24 by 7, at least for a large portion of their day. This is one of the greatest keys to effective business promotion.

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How Personalised Pens can be a Great Promotional Gift for your Newly Started Business Thu, 06 Apr 2017 11:10:38 +0000 Continue reading "How Personalised Pens can be a Great Promotional Gift for your Newly Started Business"]]> Pens are the most widely used tools for writing. This is why they are such effective promotional tools for businesses. If you are starting up a new enterprise or simply want to boost recognition for your brand, personalised pens make an ideal channel for your marketing message. Inspect any office desk, study room, or den and it is guaranteed that you will find at least one writing implement with a bank’s name or a local business’ emblem, printed proudly on. An average person picks up a pen at least once a day—this means a chance for your business to cross a target consumer’s mind at least once in a day, 7 times a week, and so on. This is guaranteed exposure for your newly started business.

Increased exposure to your brand name also increases recall for your business. Every time a target customer uses your personalised printed pen, they get re-acquainted with your business and allows you to condition them to think about you the next time they need a service or product that you offer. Promotional materials like branded pens have this kind of power, which is why they are such popular marketing vehicles along with other complementary products like notepads.

There are many companies like Global Promo that specialise in personalised promotional materials for businesses. These are companies that supply an extensive range of products through which businesses like yours can push marketing messages, whether it be a catch phrase, a slogan, or as simple as your company name. In addition to personalised pens, smart businesses also promote themselves with the use of other everyday items like key rings, mugs, drinking bottles, and glassware. New technology like USB or thumb drives are also excellent and highly relevant marketing vehicles for new businesses who want to earn the attention of potential consumers.

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